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Karnataka Tourism - Karnataka Travel Guide with Attractions

Karnataka, with its glorious history, rich culture and traditions, is located in the South Western region of India. This sophisticated state is famous for its cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes and traditional craftsmanship.


In addition to that, Karnataka is a thriving center for adventure and water sports. Karnataka, one of the most visited states in India, has something to offer everyone, from serene landscapes to delicious cuisine and art.


Karnataka, culturally and historically diverse, occupies a prestigious position on the map of India. Taking advantage of the presence of some of the great dynasties, such as Hoysala, Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas, there are several heritage sites in Karnataka, which are the main tourist attractions.


Holidays in Karnataka are holidays in the middle of hundreds of years of history. It is a fascinating experience for visitors to see the majestic monuments that range from gigantic fortresses, artistic mausoleums, bustling cities to temples.


The indisputable spirituality and religious taste of Karnataka is an attraction for all the tourists. From the beautiful Jain temples to the venerated monasteries, the state is a path of enlightenment for many spiritual tourists.

The festival celebrations in Karnataka are an eccentric manifestation of devotion and passion. It is through the fair and festivals, tourists can attend the rituals of the state.


The pristine Karnataka parks house wildlife, migratory birds, elephants and, most importantly, the pride of the Indian tiger. All thanks to the topography of the regions, the geography and the abundance of natural resources, Karnataka is rich in flora.


In addition, Karnataka is home to an important biodiversity center of Indian Western Ghats. Green parks, clean beaches and architectural marvels have made Karnataka a must place to visit.


For anyone looking for a relaxing and historical entrance, a visit to Karnataka should be at the top of your list. Visit Karnataka, the eighth largest state in South India, to discover a beautiful world far from the confines of society. Visit for an unforgettable experience.

Interesting facts about Karnataka

● South India’s largest state is Karnataka.

● Three sites in Karnataka are declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO - Hampi, Pattadakal and the Western Ghats.

● Mysore, in Karnataka, is one of the cleanest Indian cities.

● Coffee first came to India in Chikmagalur. First-time coffee was grown in Baba Budan Hills, in 1670 AD. In addition, the coffee plantation in Chikmagalur is famous for its aromatic coffee beans.

● Karnataka Khadi Samyukta Gramodyoga Sangha (KKGSS) in Hubli is the only manufacturer in India authorized to manufacture and supply the Indian flag.

● Karnataka represents 85% of the raw silk produced in India.

● The Gomateshwara statue in Shravanabelagola, 57 feet tall, is the largest monolithic statue of Bahubali in the world.


Popular tourist attraction at Karnataka

● Hampi

● Pattadakal

● Kudremukh

● Dubare

● Gokarna

● Mangalore

● K Gudi

● Belgaum

● Bellary

● Belur

● Nandi Hills

● Raichur

● Jog Falls

● Udupi

● Channarayapatna

● Bandipur

● Siddapura

● Hassan

● Shimoga

● Manipal

● Shravanabelagola

● Nagarhole

● Bijapur

● Chikmagalur

● Chitradurga

● Tumkur

● Madikeri

● Uttara Kannada

● Hospet

● Halebid

● Dharwad

● Gulbarga

● Hubli

● Coorg

● Badami

● Bidar

● Gangavathi

● Karwar

● Bengaluru

● Ganeshgudi

● Dharmasthala

● Bhagamandala

● Dandeli

● Bheemeshwari


The floor under the feet - Dream Coast

Located between the west coast and the Western Ghats, the Karnataka coast has beautiful beaches to be explored. A vast area of beautiful beaches that stretch along the west coast from Gokarna to Karwar.


The coast, 320 km long, remains intact and dotted with beautiful villages, while coastal beaches remain unknown to the masses.


The beaches of Gokarna, Kaup, Karwar, Kudle, Malpe, Maravanthe and Maravanthe are the famous beaches of Karnataka.


On a trip to the beach of Karnataka, tourists can enjoy a variety of adventure activities such as diving, paragliding, kayaking and more.

Not to miss adventures in Karnataka

For an exciting adrenaline, visit Karnataka. Whether in spring, summer, winter or monsoon, sports activities in Karnataka keep the adrenaline going.


Karnataka has beautiful beaches and mountain mosaics that make it look like a playground that can host many adventure activities. Whether camping in the most remote areas or cycling in the hills, the choice of options in Karnataka is not limited.


You can also see the bird's eye view of the state by jumping off the plane while parachuting. In addition to all these activities, tourists can enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, bungee jumping, camping and kayaking.

Spiritual side of Karnataka:

The state of unity in diversity, Karnataka has deep roots in spirituality and divinity. Karnataka, one of the most important pilgrimage centers of India, has many Jain temples, Hindu pilgrimages, Buddhist sanctuaries, mosques and churches.


Gokarna, Murdeshwar, Hampi, Madikeri, Dharmasthala, Talakadu, Mudukuthore, Basava Kalyana, Gadag and Badami are some of the cities associated with the rich mythological past of India. In Karnataka, you can also see the cave temples and the best example of them is the cave temple of Badami.


In these caves you can see digital sculptures, elaborate figures and traces of paintings. The state maintains and preserves the religious and spiritual heritage of India.

Karnataka - Silicon Valley of India

"Electronic City of India", "Silicon Valley of India", "City of Science of India", "IT Capital of India", “Space City of India”, "Cradle of Bank of India": these are some of the nicknames associated with Karnataka.


Karnataka is known as the flourishing computer center of India and the most progressive city in India. Many reputable IT companies have spacious and luxurious offices in Bengaluru with the largest workforce.

State of the arts

Palaces, forts and temples combine to form the state of Karnataka in South India, a place of history and nature. During a cultural tour of Karnataka, tourists will learn more about the art, architecture and crafts of Hoysalas, Cholas, Chalukyas, etc.


One can see the traces of the rich history of Karnataka in its historical monuments such as Mysore, Aihole, Bijapur, Badami, Hampi, Mangalore and Pattadakal.


All these places are beautiful masterpieces, which encourage travelers to come here again and again. Visit the prehistoric caves of Badami, take a detour to Hampi, the majestic fort of Mysore and the venerable Pattadakal.


All these legacies offer tourists the opportunity to discover the state in all its splendor. There are many museums in the area, cities and towns of Karnataka. Above all, the cultural and artistic heritage of Karnataka is the most appreciated by visitors from all over the world.

Wild and free waterfalls of Karnataka

Karnataka is a reflection of beauty. The state has been blessed with many natural wonders, including fascinating waterfalls.


The waterfalls of Karnataka are mesmerizing and attract adventurers from all over the country and world.


Karnataka has in its vicinity some of the best and most picturesque waterfalls that abound. The waterfalls of Shivanasamudra, Abbey and Chunchi are some of the most amazing waterfalls of Karnataka.

Call of the jungle

Karnataka is a land of rich biodiversity, varied typography and varied climates. The state continues to please wildlife lovers. There are 5 national parks and 25 wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka that harbor some of the rare and endangered species.


There are also seven bird sanctuaries that attract migratory birds from countries such as Australia, Serbia and even North America. Families of elephants, wild bison, deer, antelopes, leopards and tigers are among some of the species observed in the forests of Karnataka.


Karnataka, the largest state in India, hosts a diverse flora. An important region of Karnataka is limited to the Western Ghats, considered as the point of access to biodiversity.


The forests of Karnataka house 1493 medicinal plants belonging to 808 genera and 108 families. Most of these plants are found in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and are used to treat people through traditional treatments.


The jungles of Karnataka are the best for wildlife tourism in Karnataka, as they are full of serene landscapes.

Green lands

Underappreciated but beautiful, the mountain resorts in Karnataka are gradually becoming a favorite destination for most tourists. In Karnataka, there are many options for adventurers, as well as for nature lovers.


Coorg, Agumbe, Kakkabe, Kudremukh, Nersa, Kudajadri Hills, Madikeri are among the popular hill stations of Karnataka. The mountain resorts in Karnataka are pristine and some of them also have a religious and cultural significance.


Some of the sites that embellish the Karnataka hill stations are a well-maintained coffee plantation, clouds that surround the mountains, waterfalls to the river and translucent rice fields. Take a tour of the Karnataka hill stations and discover mysticism and sublime tranquility.

Festival celebration of Karnataka that you should attend

In Karnataka, festivals are not just rituals, but something more. Festivals and rituals are celebrated to such a huge level that the entire palace is illuminated by more than 97,000 light bulbs and you can see beautiful fireworks that illuminate the sky, colorful processions, decorated elephants and many concerts.

Fairs and festivals of different communities are commemorated with great fanfare in Karnataka. Hoysala Mahotsava, the Hampi Festival, Makar Sankranti, Dussehra Festival, the Pattadakal Dance Festival are among the most important fairs and festivals in Karnataka.


Whether it's a whip in the Kambala buffalo race or the dance steps of the folk dancers during the Hampi festival, Karnataka has everything you keep you hooked. Be part of the vibrant and colorful festivals of Karnataka. The fervor and emotion shown by the locals at the festival are unparalleled.


Karnataka is a country with aromas of sandalwood, temples of ancient sculptures, well-tended gardens, ornate buildings and magnificent palaces. Whether tourism is a spiritual journey or for a relaxing vacation, Karnataka always has pleasant surprises for everyone.


The abundance of treasures that can be seen in the city can leave anyone breathless.


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Kerala Tourism (2019) Complete Travel Guide, Places to visit, Packages

Travelling is the best healing therapy. Even the doctors have started recommending for a vacation to burst the stress.


Monsoon has hit the shores and the south has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in India.


One of the most mesmerizing places in the south to visit is - Kerala.


Today we are going to list down everything that you need to know about Kerala tourism, places to visit and things to do.


By the end of the blog, we are sure you will be rushing to book your kerala tourism package.

Kerala Tourism

Kerala, home to the languid waters, leafy shores, vast tea gardens and vendors of coconuts that are seen in every corner to quench your thirst, is also known as the "land of God".


It is a piece of heaven that is also one of the best tropical tourist destinations you can look for.


Whether you want to enjoy the sun and sand on Kovalam beach, lined with palm trees, or go hiking to Munnar Mountain Resort or even if you are walking the busy streets of Kochi, Kerala offers you multiple options to choose!


Land of literate and simple citizens, Kerala entertains you with its spectacular forms of dance, music and crafts. Considered one of the ten paradises of the world, Kerala is famous for its long palm-lined beaches, its magnificent rivers, its sacred waters and its green and peaceful environment.


In addition to the green hills of Wayanad and Idukki, beaches such as Kovalam and Varkala and faraway destinations such as Alleppey and Kumarakom are some of the highlights of Kerala.


Surrounded by coconut trees, the long coastline offers many fishing opportunities. The backwaters of Kerala, wildlife sanctuaries, the mountain ranges and the beaches will give you great pleasure and the serenity will refresh your mind and body.


June is the wettest month in Kerala, but July is also no less. Due to the rain, the tropical land of Kerala acquires a picturesque charm.


Many tourists may wonder if they can really have a good time on vacation in Kerala in June. But if you plan well, you can get some interesting experiences that you might miss in other months.


Let us have a look at...

Places to Visit in Kerala


The diverse topography, the natural beauty, the colorful culture and the exquisite views make Kerala a favorite holiday destination for many travelers from all over the world.


Kerala is actually one of the 100 best destinations in the world. It is called the "country of God." Only a visit to Kerala will tell you why.



Ideally, a visit to Kerala would begin and end in Cochin. The city is famous for its wide variety of tourist attractions, including historical sites and natural beauty.


Some of the most famous attractions are the Jewish Synagogue and the Dutch Palace. As many tourist attractions in Cochin are covered, you can visit them even in the rain.


Do not miss going to Fort Cochin during your visit. It has interesting museums, palaces and buildings. If there is only a slight drizzle, try a bike tour through Fort Cochin.

The most famous attractions that you can visit in Cochin are:


● Basilica Cathedral of Santa Cruz

● Jewish town

● Indo-Portuguese Museum

● Synagogue paradesi

● Mattancherry Palace

● Tomb of Vasco da Gama



Activities to do in Cochin: you can take outdoor excursions only when it is not raining. But even if it rains, you can visit museums, palaces and shopping centers. You can also attend cultural shows and eat local dishes in restaurants.


The Munnar mountain station has a very unique charm during the monsoon. The showers make the tea gardens shine. And the serene lakes of Munnar become magical because of the rains.


You can simply enjoy the view or take a closed boat trip. During the monsoon, the weather in Munnar is foggy and there are clouds everywhere. So the view is simply beautiful.


And there are so many places in Munnar that offer you the opportunity to stand among the clouds.

Look at some of the best places to visit while visiting Munnar,


● Upper station

● Tea plantations

● Marayoor and Chinnar

● Kundala Lake

● Mattupetty Dam & Echo Point

● Rajamala- Eravikulam National Park


Activities to do in Munnar: July would be a good time to visit the dams and waterfalls of Munnar. Due to the rains, they will be in all their glory.


Be sure to visit Mattupetty Dam, Attukal Falls and Chinnakanal Falls. Then visit Lake Kundala and enjoy a closed boat ride. The view of Pothamedu and the photo point are also known for their magnificent views during the monsoon.


The town of Thekkady has beautiful spice gardens, serene lakes and exotic flora and fauna. Lake Periyar is above all a wonderful attraction of the city.


The experience of sailing in the lake is ideal for all ages. Since the boat has a roof, you do not have to worry about the rain.


During the boat ride, enjoy the views of the forest animals and the lake's drinking water. You can never forget this view.

Some of the best destinations to visit in Thekkady are:


● National Park and Lake Periyar

● Anakkara

● Belvedere of Chellarkovil

● Vandiperiyar

● Parunthumpara

● Ramakkalmedu


Activities to plan in Thekkady: during the monsoon, you can try navigation on Lake Periyar. As stated before, the ship is closed, so you do not have to worry about the rain.


If the rains are not very intense, you can go for a walk in nature and walk to the border.


And since there will be leeches, do not try to camp out in the open air.


Of all the destinations in Kerala, Alleppey receives the largest number of tourists. The backwaters of Alleppey look better during the monsoon season than during any other season.


The palm trees on the coast, the sound of rainwater hitting the backwaters and the pleasant views make it an unmissable destination for the monsoon.


The best way to experience the beauty of Alleppey is a cruise on a houseboat. It is an experience of a lifetime.

The best attractions of Alleppey are:


● Backwaters of Alleppey

● Alleppey beach

● Marari beach


Activities to plan in Alleppey: the houseboat cruise is undoubtedly the most popular activity in Alleppey. Monsoón is the best time to enjoy it.


In a houseboat, you do not have to worry about the rain. You can simply relax and enjoy the view. In addition to enjoying the view, you will also enjoy the delicious food that will be served during the cruise.


Since the food will have many authentic flavors of Kerala, gourmets will love it. You can also go canoeing. But if the rain is intense, canoeing is impossible.



The picturesque village of Kumarakom is located on the shores of Lake Vembanad. The colorful small houses and the lush vegetation of Kumarakom make it particularly picturesque, which will give you a great opportunity to experience the life of the village and interact with the locals.


It also offers different types of cruises in calm waters. One of the most famous attractions of Kumarakom is the ornithological reserve. It is home to rare species of birds such as wild ducks, herons, storks, etc.

Some of the best attractions in Kumarakom are:


● Backwaters of Kumarakom

● Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

● Vaikom Temple

● Village life

● Pathiramanal Island


Activities to plan in Kumarakom: you should try the houseboat cruise and other nearby boat trips, if any. Bird watching, walks in the village, canoe trips and children's shop are other activities.


The natural beauty of Wayanad makes it unique among other mountain resorts in Kerala. Forests, hills and wildlife have a charm that is hard to explain.


Wayanad is part of the Western Ghats. It is known for its incredible trekking trails. During a walk through Wayanad, you will find some of nature's best offers.

Some of the most exciting attractions of Wayanad are:


● Banasura Sagar Dam

● Kuruva Island

● Cheetah

● Edakkal Cave

● Lake pookode

● Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

● Temple of Thirunelli


Activities to plan in July: as is the monsoon season, be sure to visit the dam of Banasura, which is full of glory.


It really is an attraction that should not be missed. Another interesting activity for the adventurers. You can enjoy it, but always pay attention to leeches and slippery traces.


You can also visit the caves of Edakkal. Sailing on Lake Pookot is another good option.



Athirapally is a magical destination in Kerala. Athirapally Falls, also known as Niagara Falls of Kerala, are the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala.


With an amazing height of 80 feet, the waterfall can captivate the attention of any visitor. And the stream of fresh water that surrounds the waterfalls makes it a memorable experience. You can not miss visiting Athirapally Falls in the monsoon.


● Falls of vazhachal

● Sholayar dam

● Athirapally Falls

● Thumboormuzhi Dam


Activities to plan in Athirapally: do not forget to visit the waterfalls of Athirapally during the monsoon. The majestic views are simply incomparable. And please take a camera with you.


Apart from these, Kerala also offers some mouth smacking South Indian dishes. You should also not miss the cultural history that the Southern state offers and of course not to forget the Ayurvedic spas.


By now you must be restless to book yourself a tour to Kerala. The best and the easiest way to do this is through Jovial Club.


Book your trip to Kerala with Jovial Club and do not forget to share your experiences with us.

Avail Cab Service in Agra and Be Your Own Boss in Your Trip

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Top 12 Truly Amazing Places of Awesome Assam

Top 12 Truly Amazing Places of Awesome Assam

Assam is one of the most beautiful state of north eastern India. This heavenly state is an unexplored ‘Eden Garden’ on earth with the rolling fields of aromatic tea, the vast and beautiful and one and only river of its kind -the Brahmaputra  and a variety of flora and fauna. Assam is beautiful place to explore to ends. This place is home to many sanctuaries and national parks and the people of Assam are very close to nature. If you ever visit this place, its awesome natural environment,flora & fauna and climate will leave you awestruck.


So now let's have a look at the list of top 12 truly amazing places of awesome Assam.

1.      Guwahati- Although this place is full of many beautiful attractions. The center of attraction is not other than Guwahati. Guwahati is the city which is full of many beautiful attractions for tourista. It is the fastest growing city and the places opens the route for many other places to visit. This place is surrounded by ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries and the beautifully flowing Brahmaputra. The most beautiful part of Assam and Guwahati is its culture. You must explore then. You can bookflight ticket to Guwahati using Mobikwik Add Money Offer with great deals.

  1. Kaziranga National Park-. Beauty of Assam lies in its wildlife sanctuary.This is the home of many rare animals, trees and vast forests. One horned rhinoceros is the major attraction of this national park. There are other popular animals also like  Elephants, wild buffaloes, Chinese pangolins, Bengal foxes, civets, sloth bears, leopards and many more


  1. Manas National Park- Another national park which draws attention of tourist towards itself is Manas National Park. It is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve, a Biosphere Reserve. This national park is famous for its rare species which are not present at any other place. It is famous for its flora, rare golden langur and the adorable red panda. It is also a home to India’s second largest tiger population.


  1. Kamakhya Temple-kamakhya temples is the center of attraction for many devotees. It is one of the 51 ‘Shakti Peeths’ in India. The place is located at the beautiful Nilachal hills.


  1. Majuli Island- This places is beautiful in itself. It is a perfect blend of nature, history and culture. Majuli Island is world’s largest riverine island and it is also one of the most important ‘Satras’ established by Sankardeva and Madhavdev. Majuli Island is a bird watchers paradise.


  1. Hollongapur Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary- This is surrounded by brhamaputra from one side and tea gardens on other side. It has amazing 40 different species of HoolockGibbons. It also have Capped Langur, Stump-Tailed Macaque, Rhesus Macaque,Slow Loris, Elephants and many more species of animals.


  1. Kakochang Waterfall- Located between the rubber and coffee plantation of Jorhat area, the Kakochang waterfalls is a not to miss waterfall in Assam. This waterfall is located near to Kaziranga National Park, so you can plan visiting both these one after the other.